ATO Payment Plan

Do you owe money to the ATO?

If you have received your notice of assessment and owe money to the ATO that you simply don’t have, we can help!

We can speak to the ATO on your behalf and arrange an ATO payment plan so you can quickly and easily repay your debt without receiving ongoing letters and penalties.  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Every year hundreds of small businesses and individuals find themselves on the wrong side of a tax debt.

ATO has increased powers to pursue debt payments!

The ATO has increased powers to pursue payment of tax debts, if necessary by issuing a garnishee notice to gain direct access to the funds in your bank account.  Once initiated, this can be very difficult to reverse so by negotiating a payment arrangement on your behalf we can keep them off your back.

Simple solutions to minimise future tax debt

Once we have organised an ATO payment plan for you we can then review your income, business structure or personal finances and come up with a plan to ensure you are taking advantage of all potential ways to minimise future tax debt. We can also help you to plan better so you know how much your future tax debt is likely to be and how to plan for it.

Simply call 9204 3733 or complete the form above (it only takes a few seconds) and let’s set up an obligation free meeting to discuss how we can assist you.


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