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The professional relationship between client and accountant can be a noble one of trust and respect, forged over time through dedicated advice and support; a relationship to be fostered and nurtured for mutual benefit.

Sadly, the working relationship between client and accountant which can impact so positively in terms of outcomes for clients is not a given, but depends very much on your choice when choosing the right accountant.

It is not uncommon to encounter accountants who:

  • Are not easy to contact
  • Don’t return calls or emails promptly or at all
  • Delegate your work to junior, less experienced staff
  • Continually seek records/information already provided
  • Complete work on their own timetable, not yours
  • Do not have adequate resources/skills to cope
  • Are generally not on top of your requirements
  • Do not follow through or present options

The shortcomings may be attributed to overload.  Accountants with too much focus on their own business affairs are renowned for taking on more clients than they can properly service, hence your choice should be made with care.

To assist you with your choice the following factors are worthy of your consideration:

  • Ascertain whether the firm has the capacity on hand to service your needs
  • Ensure your accountant is CPA or CA qualified and regulated – anyone can hang up a shingle but professional bodies guarantee quality
  • Avoid small firms which are unlikely to have the resources to provide a broad range of services
  • Avoid large firms; they tend to focus on the bigger end of the market and show less empathy for small to medium enterprises
  • Opt for a firm with good resources and a focus on quality and service
  • Engage a firm which is approachable with a track record of building relationships
  • Look for a firm intent on making a difference for the client, as distinct from the compliance accountant
  • Don’t choose on price as cheap is just that, but quality advice and service are valuable commodities

In the event that you previously made a choice which, for whatever reason, has proven unsatisfactory, be assured that once you make the decision to change accountants, you simply advise your selected new accountant – it’s as easy as a phone call!  So, choosing the right accountant is easier than you think and we will even give you 20% OFF your last accountancy fee when you switch to BSN & Co.

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    choosing the right accountant