The government recently introduced a $1.6 million superannuation transfer cap. For those of you fortunate to have a member balance of $1.6M or more in your superannuation fund account, you will no doubt be familiar with the changes introduced:

        • If you had a pension account balance of more than $1.6M on 30 June 2017, you are required to transfer the balance over this cap amount back into accumulation
        • Any balance transferred into accumulation may remain in the fund but is subject to 15% income tax.
        • If pension commenced at $1.6M or less but growth in assets subsequently results in the $1.6M cap being exceeded, the excess simply remains in the pension account.
        • If total superannuation balances across all funds, whether in accumulation and/or pension, exceed $1.6M you are not entitled to make any non-concessional contributions or receive any government co-contributions.

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