8 Ways to Manage People Better

One of the secrets to great business management in Perth is good people management, which comes through experience.  Courses will teach you the theory, but there is no substitute for the day-to-day practice of managing staff and their issues.  Giving yourself a head start with a common sense approach and a healthy respect for everyone you deal with will help develop a happy and productive work place.

1. Don’t micro-manage your staff.  They were hired because you believed they could do the job, so let them do it.  Give them clear instructions, encourage them to ask for your advice if they are unsure about any issues, and provide praise for jobs done well.

2. Take the time to get to know your staff.  Understand that they have lives outside of work and that personal and domestic issues can’t always be left at the work place door.

3. Don’t ask staff to perform the impossible or to take risks you wouldn’t take.  Talk it through and work it out together.

4. Listen to their suggestions about improving tasks undertaken on a daily basis.  Give their suggestions careful consideration as they very often make a big difference to good business management in Perth.  Reward staff when their ideas generate business, save money or increase productivity.

5. Put the right teams together.  A good team is more than the sum of its parts.  Be alert to signs of tension and disagreement in teams, especially if anyone seems constantly unhappy.

6. Cultivate an atmosphere of openness, not fear.  If staff feel they can approach you regarding any problems, they are more likely to broach issues early, rather than covering them up and hoping for the best.

7. Give staff opportunities to develop their skills.  Your retention levels will be better if staff feel they are learning and growing in a job with good prospects of career development.

8. Be approachable, but stay professional.  You are a manager, not a friend, so be clear as to where any lines need to be drawn.

A good staff manager can make or break a business.  Review and hone your people skills as an ongoing process.  Don’t expect miracles from your either your staff or yourself.  They are only human – and so are you.

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