Commonwealth seniors health card

The Commonwealth seniors health card (CSHC) provides access to Australian Government concessions on medical and pharmaceutical costs for Australian residents over pension age but not entitled to income support payments.

The income thresholds for the CSHC have been increased significantly from 4 November 2022 and are as follows:

Singles                                                     $ 90,000

Couples                                                   $144,000

Couples separated by illness               $180,000


Please note that there is no asset test applied for the CSHC, just the income test which includes:

  • Your adjusted taxable income
  • Deemed income from account based pensions
  • Your partner’s income

The CSHC is issued to the individual applicant, hence in the case of a couple, each party will need to make application to receive the card.

The eligibility requirements need to be satisfied each year to retain the card.

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