It’s the little things that, when put together, make up the big things.  Here’s a list of daily habits you can adopt to improve your business growth.  Some of the movers and shakers in the world today live by this creed and it seems to work for them!

We’re not suggesting that you strictly adhere to these habits, but they could directly improve your business growth if followed every day.  We follow some of them and it certainly helps our business.

1. Stay Healthy

Good health is vital for good performance.  Without it, your performance (both personal and business) will suffer and you will only accomplish a comparatively small percentage of what you could otherwise achieve.  Like a dedicated athlete who needs to count kilojoules, log kilometres, and track their PB, a good business operator has to stay on top of their health to make good business decisions and accomplish more.  It all starts with managing your health.

2. Value Leisure Time

The greatest leaders have always known how to make time for themselves.  They understand that their priorities need to be properly managed, so they make sure they enjoy their leisure time.  They have perfected the art of relaxation, enabling them to handle the demands of their day to day business life.  If you are constantly running out of steam you won’t be able to withstand the demands of managing your business, so take time out for yourself.

3. Check Your Finances Regularly

You may manage your own money or have someone who manages it for you, but either way you need to keep a regular watch on your finances to stay on top of things.

4. Stay in Control of Your Emotions

Good leaders know how to manage their emotions and recognise that expressing anger never accomplishes anything, so they turn it into a positive action to enhance performance and relationships.

5. Show Your Appreciation to Others

The best managers know how important it is to maintain good relationships, particularly with their staff.   They understand the need to recognise a job well done and that morale is boosted by positive feedback.  Without this, no one will really want to work hard and strive to do better.

6. Improve Your Skills

Always look for ways to improve your business performance.  Regularly check your personal skills plus those of your staff to see if anything needs improving.   The smallest of changes that you make today could enhance your business performance tomorrow.

7. Be Open and Listen to Feedback

Good leaders recognise that they don’t know it all.  They seek feedback from others and take it on board to enhance and manage their business more effectively.

8. Seek and Be Open to Advice

Few businesses have become successful without seeking advice from others.  No one is an expert in every area, which is why it is important to seek the advice of others who can pass on their knowledge and guide you in building your business.

9. Treat Failures as Learning Curves

Learn from your mistakes by adopting a positive attitude and implementing the necessary changes to enhance and improve your business growth.

10. Welcome Adversity

Realistic business people expect difficulties to arise from time to time.   If you are wise, you won’t see this as adversity – you will use it to motivate you to keep moving forward.


How many of these daily habits do you practice?  Don’t be afraid to adopt any or all of them to improve your business growth, then decide which ones work best for your business.

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