Want to know how to improve debt collection results? If your business carries debtors you will no doubt have experienced a slowing in your debt collection rate. You may also be sick and tired of the continual follow up of debtors, or the need to issue and reissue statements and invoices, particularly when relatively small amounts are concerned. It’s time to review your debt collection processes!

These days technology can be used to great advantage! Many tradies and other service people carry portable hand held devices which allow on the spot payments by credit card or EFTPOS to be made.

Not only is there instant payment but the invoice/receipt can be sent to the customers email address immediately. So before you’ve even left the client’s premises, the invoice has been issued and payment made!  It is that simple and avoids the need to carry debtors not to mention all the extra paperwork. Beats debt collection every time!

Maybe your business could benefit from this kind of technology to improve your debt collection results and therefore your bottom line?

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